Video clips created by me

latest news are i became an actor I played an role in TV serie, yes you read it well Just follow video clips in playlist and see for your self. :))

Amaterski se bavim i glumom, glumio sam u seriji "Porodične tajne" čitavu epizodu možete pogledati gore. U gornjem levom uglu video zapisa imate playlist opciju...

Scena 1 iz epizode. 
Scena 1 iz istoimene serije

Scena 2 iz epizode

Scena 2 iz istoimene serije

Gluma u reklami za Dr.Vorobijev kiliniku. Me as an actor in
Dr. Vorobijev clinic promo movie.

My latest promo video for Restoran Dren from Belgrade Serbia. Be sure to visit:

Video "DJ Kenny promo video3" created for DJ Kenny from Germany, Party on. :)

Video "DJ Kenny promo video2" created for DJ Kenny from Germany, Fun timee. :)

Video "DJ Kenny promo video" created for DJ Kenny from Germany . :)

Video "Restaurant menu offer" created for restaurant Dren from Belgrade Serbia not long ago. :)

Internet marketing explainer animation for Webagencija company. Please be sure to visit them

One more video with similar content, Video content is related to social network marketing. Video is also created for company

Video promotion add for Feroplet company from Ruma Serbia.
I have also created an website for Feroplet. Please be sure to check out on this link

An intro animation work for gaming channel i started. I am too busy with building websites so i do not have time for gaming channel, sorry. :)

One more shorter version of similar intro. :)

This is some of the video works i created long time ago.  Two last clips below was supposed to be aired as an announcement for hardware related TV show, show was canceled due to financial reasons.
There are more clips made by me on this link so please be sure to visit.

Nacionalna agencija za mlade. National Youth Agency

Savet Evrope

Evropska unija

JS Soundworks feat global DJ's-Vrčin City

Hardware intro clips

Hardware intro clips

I na kraju jedan deo audio projekata kreiranih od strane moje malenkosti.
And finally some audio tracks created also by me