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Complete list of completed projects - websites:

A short list of selected website projects completed by me. :)

Official presentation for Serbian eight-time Kick Boxing world champion Nenad Pagonis. Website was created all in my craftshop. Please visit

Website Photomaestro is Dejan Mihailović personal presentation showcase of photo and video works smooth and quick, eyecandy display of photo and video galleries, as well as many other intersting works by Dejan. Please visit

Project, slick, modern construction look design, powerful slider to grab visitors attention, SEO and SEF was carefully crafted, easy user access and maintenance, all from my craft shop. Be sure to check it out. :))

A website dedicated to psychology. Andjelija Simic had an idea in her mind, and we delivered it, she demanded a simple and transparent concept with soothing colors. Probably to calm the patients who came to the website to seek help. :) In any case, the client and visitors are satisfied. Who needs psychological help or info please visit.

Very quickly completed solution for dry cleaning shop from Novi Sad. Technique, HTML, CSS, PHP. Jquery, Javascript ... visit the site

Another website for Dejan Mihailovic. This website is dedicated to decorations, decorating various events, parties, weddings, all info about this topic you can find on

Website I created recently for UV Dance Serbia dance group. On Serbia national TV recently they performed in semifinal of the TV Talent show. Group can perform all types of dance styles according to clients choice and needs. Group is also equipped with DJ team, they mix and produce music tracks especially for dance group. Be sure to visit

Fresh website new from my workshop "Index house", fast food restaurant from Novi Sad Serbia, client needed quick browsing and ordering product website type, similar to Bob's Grill. Almost same approach was taken in development, less is more, :)) no additional unnecessary info nothing extra fancy, client wanted it like that, and customer is always right.  :)) Visit

Digital and print marketing website, i was a co-founder of this website, on line marketing, creating websites, logos, visual identity, creating material for print marketing works...


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