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недеља, 03. новембар 2013.

Newsflash me as a star in TV serie, Ja kao glumac

latest news are i became an actor I played an role in TV serie, yes you read it well Just follow video clips in playlist and see for your self. :))

Amaterski se bavim i glumom, glumio sam u seriji "Porodične tajne" čitavu epizodu možete pogledati gore. U gornjem levom uglu video zapisa imate playlist opciju...

 Scena 1 iz epizode. 
Scena 1 iz istoimene serije

 Scena 2 iz epizode

Scena 2 iz istoimene serije

Gluma u reklami za Dr.Vorobijev kiliniku. Me as an actor in
Dr. Vorobijev clinic promo movie.

среда, 02. октобар 2013.

Video clips created by me

My latest promo video for Restoran Dren from Belgrade Serbia. Be sure to visit:

Video "DJ Kenny promo video3" created for DJ Kenny from Germany, Party on. :)

Video "DJ Kenny promo video2" created for DJ Kenny from Germany, Fun timee. :)

Video "DJ Kenny promo video" created for DJ Kenny from Germany . :)

Video "Restaurant menu offer" created for restaurant Dren from Belgrade Serbia not long ago. :)

Internet marketing explainer animation for Webagencija company. Please be sure to visit them

One more video with similar content, Video content is related to social network marketing. Video is also created for www.webagencija.com company

Video promotion add for Feroplet company from Ruma Serbia.
I have also created an website for Feroplet. Please be sure to check out on this link

An intro animation work for gaming channel i started. I am too busy with building websites so i do not have time for gaming channel, sorry. :)

One more shorter version of similar intro. :)

This is some of the video works i created long time ago.  Two last clips below was supposed to be aired as an announcement for hardware related TV show, show was canceled due to financial reasons.
There are more clips made by me on this link http://www.youtube.com/user/sindja1975/videos?view=0 so please be sure to visit.

Nacionalna agencija za mlade. National Youth Agency

Savet Evrope

Evropska unija

JS Soundworks feat global DJ's-Vrčin City

Hardware intro clips

Hardware intro clips

недеља, 15. септембар 2013.

четвртак, 12. септембар 2013.

Portfolio, references, website designs, ideas...

Quick website for a friend, Milenko Vujić dance choreographer, International dance judge and Casting Director. Completed quickly, it is a portfolio, references type website. Be sure to visit www.milenkovujic.com

Bob's Grill a fast food delivery restaurant from Switzerland. Project development evolved from simple website into full featured web-shop. Users can find and order products quickly, site is multilingual, smooth clean web design, simple colors and quick page load, coded to perfection. Service speed is key to success and service must be quick, in this kind of work we take that fact very seriously. Users  must be satisfied with our service, both offline and on-line, be sure to visit www.bobs-grill.ch

Website deals in mostly graphic print and web design, i just started working for webmaestro company, emidiatlly also developed new website for www.nb-sound.ch  visit webmaestro webdesign portfolio section.

Website Photomaestro is Dejan Mihailović personal presentation showcase of photo and video works. Simillar to webmaestro almost same principle in website design and development was taken,  smooth and quick eyecandy display of photo and video galleries. Please visit Photomaestro.ch

Project, kumkomerc.rs slick, modern construction look design, powerful slider to grab visitors attention, SEO and SEF was carefully crafted, easy user access and maintenance, all from my craft shop. Be sure to check it out. kumkomerc.rs :))

Website I created recently for UV Dance Serbia dance group. On Serbia national TV recently they performed in semifinal of the TV Talent show. Group can perform all types of dance styles according to clients choice and needs. Group is also equipped with DJ team, they mix and produce music tracks especially for dance group. Be sure to visit www.uvdance.rs

Brand new website from my workshop, an Art Paintings exhibition website, completed in just few days time, for a local client. First and one of the kind art exhibition in the area, hosted by Aeronautical Museum in Belgrade Serbia. Simple website design covered with art paintings by Artist Mladen Djurovic as first exhibitor. Be sure to visit www.izlozba-slika.com

Fresh website new from my workshop "Index house", fast food restaurant from Novi Sad Serbia, client needed quick browsing and ordering product website type, similar to Bob's Grill. Almost same approach was taken in development, less is more, :)) no additional unnecessary info nothing extra fancy, client wanted it like that, and customer is always right.  :)) Visit indexhouse.rs

My CV. :)


SanaDirekt, an insurance company from Switzerland, minimalist, clean and responsive web design was needed in order to reach every visitor. Website delivers quick messages and eye catching design, careful selection of images and attention to detail, with constant supervision of client, final creation is what you see on this image. be sure to visit SanaDirekt

NB Sound je kompanija iz Švajcarske i njihova glavna delatnost je i iznajmljivanje i prodaja audio opreme poznatih kompanija. Godine iskustva i rada su ovu firmu postavili na visoku poziciju na tržištu. Primenjen je jednostavan, pregledan, čitljiv lak za navigaciju i vizuelno dopadljiv pristup izrade sajta, klijent to želi a posetioci vole, jednostavnost je u modi. Dosta pažnje je posvećeno SEO optimizaciji, (optimizaciji za pretraživače), sajt je vidljiv i dobro pozicioniran u svim velikim pretraživačima na internetu. Posebno se vodila briga o izboru boja, funkcionalnosti čitljivosti i navigaciji sajta. Sistem prodaje putem interneta je takodje postavljen. Posetioci mogu veoma lako pregledati sajt, informisati se o željenom proizvodu i iste u par koraka poručiti. Posetite sajtwww.nb-sound.ch

NB Sound is a company from Switzerland. By reselling and renting audio equipment from well known audio equipment comapnies, they have established good position on the market over the years. Slick, smooth, simple, easy to navigate and read (less is more) approach that client wanted and visitors love. SEO optimisation was also implemented. Website redesign was completely done by me, be sure to visit
NB Sound to see website live. :)

As a freelancer and part time employee for Enterijer Magazin a monthly magazine issue dealing with topics related mostly to home interior designs, i had challenging task of constructing complete website which will store large number of data also one of the biggest challenge was techical optimisation and search engine optimisation. We choose on line newspaper look, because almost all users are used to printed newspaper style, it is designed for all age type users. Be sure to visit www.enterijermagazin.com for more info. :))

Garden furniture manufacturer from Serbia wanted beautiful images in background so i made something like this.Garden image in the background is borrowed from the internet, the table and the chairs are photo manipulations. Besides this image there are two more images scrolling in the background. Logo, gallery images within website, menu images are also my work.

BOROHERBA website design was collaboration work between my colleague Branko Pajic and me. The page was my design entirely. Client-Owner of the BOROHERBA BOROHERBAwebsite explicitly wanted this colors because it reminds on herbs and vegetation. Pay pal payment system is integrated in to website, BOROHERBA TV commercial clips embedded in the website and SEO optimisation was carefully implemented.

Client-Owner of the website wanted corporate looking website with Information technology feel. So i made it look like this. :) Besides basic ISP services, like client Web Mail, Accounting, Plesk Panel, there is also Google Web Maps integration which shows location of  TeledotNet  ISP Wireless Outdoor Access Points. Visitors can also change website colors and background images-textures live, how cool is that. SEO optimisation was also implemented. :) Entire website was developed by me. Be sure to visit TeledotNet.

Kinolosko drustvo Velika Greda
Kinolosko drustvo Velika Greda website was also developed in collaboration with my collague Branko Pajic. We wanted website colors to match usual fur colors of various dog breeds so we came up with idea you see on this image. In Kennel club website we built an dynamic image gallery, embedded flash map which shows direction to the location of the dog show in Velika Greda Serbia, and online web submission form for visitors who want to apply for contest.

Aquacode is company that develops and cerate water fountains, water walls, aquariums, garden decorations. Implemented website features are: dynamic image gallery, Google translation. SEO optimisation. Visit: aquacode.org 

среда, 04. септембар 2013.

Digital graphic design, some of my works

Brochure design for Feroplet.rs Company From Ruma Serbia.

Some of marketing material for Lap Top Centar. Hardware, software, home appliances... shop. Visit: laptopcentar.rs

Fresh cooked flyer from my workshop, ready for marketing Bob's Grill restaurant from Switzerland. http://bobs-grill.ch/

Brka Milk Shake dizajn ideja za ambalažu Bka Milk Shake packaging design idea
Brka Milk Shake dizajn ideja za ambalažu / Brka Milk Shake packaging design idea

UV Dance naslovna rotirajuća slika. UV Dance front page rotating cover image 

Foto manipulacija za prijateljicu. Photo manipulation for a friend of mine

Foto manipulacija za prijateljicu. Photo manipulation for a friend of mine

Foto manipulacija za prijateljicu. Photo manipulation for a friend of mine

Grafički dizajn foto manipulacija UV Dance serbia / Graphic design-photo manipulation for dance group UV Dance Serbia
Grafički dizajn foto manipulacija UV Dance serbia / Graphic design-photo manipulation for dance group UV Dance Serbia

Just a regular sketch work, a drawing done in an hour. Plain paper and HB graphite pencil, and regular eraser, elementary school graphic tools stuff, all almost old as me. :)

Zmaj, crtan grafitnom olovkom/Graphite pencil hand drawn Dragon
Crteži grafitna olovka. My graphite pencil hand drawn images, (no Photoshop) in an early stage of my life
Crteži grafitna olovka, Slike nisu elektronski obradjene/My handmade drawings, (no Photoshop) in an early stage of my life, concept car
Crteži grafitna olovka, Slike nisu elektronski obradjene. My handmade drawings, (no Photoshop) in an early stage of my life, concept jeep.

Naslovna strana poster. Cover poster created on 13.03.2013. :)))

NB Sound Poster

Poster za Titan Euro Silver. Poster for Titan Euro Silver car batteries

Poster za Titan Euro Silver. Poster for Titan Euro Silver car batteries v.2

Foto manipulacija za prijateljicu. Photo manipulation for friend. :)

Foto manipulacija za prijateljicu. Photo manipulation for friend. :)
Foto manipulacija za prijateljicu. Photo manipulation for friend. :)
NET TV plus reklama za dnevne novine. NET TV plus newspaper add

NET TV plus reklama za dnevne novine. NET TV plus newspaper add v.2

Poster kreiran 2012. godine Poster created in 2012!